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Shout out to anyone at the artRAVE Dallas


My friend is looking for a girl there who was wearing a short floral dress, she had long wavy brown hair and she was chillin with her guy friend. Message me if this sounds like you, or you know her!!!

Jul 20 13:01 with 5 notes
whenmyheartfindschristmas: Absolutely loved looking through your blog. You had a lot of stuff I hadn't seen already. Totally love that!

thank you so much!! 

Jul 20 12:58 with 2 notes
Anonymous: I can't believe that I'm enjoying this blog so much and singing along to the music when it's 24 degrees c outside and sunny

That’s wonderful!!! So sorry for the recent halt in posts, but were back now!

Jul 20 12:57 with 2 notes
Anonymous: First things first. I am the BIGGEST christmas fanatic ever! its just such a special magical time of year, so of course its sad that christmas is over, but i love that i can just snuggle up in bed and scroll through your blog and it instantly feels like december again! it fills me heart with joy and warmth! so thank you lovely! x

thank you so much!!! this honestly means so much to us, that was out initial goal in starting this blog! xx

Jul 20 12:57 with 5 notes
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